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xx Hymer Craft -- Minecraft Server

March 16, 2016, 08:38:58 PM by Spike Wess
We've gotten a 20 slot Minecraft Server setup for you guys!

Crystal, Ifter and myself have been working on it the past 1-2 months getting everything setup for some good times.

The server is still a work in progress and we'd really appreciate it if you encounter a bug or problem, report it so we can possibly fix it. It's pretty much based off of our old Minecraft Server format.

Currently the server features multiworlds that being and not limited to;
(Each world has a world border set and can be seen on the live map when it's working again)

Economy World, with it's adjoining Econ-Nether World.
These two worlds are targeted at PVE and earning dosh, meaning the cash baws. Currently featuring a work in progress cruise ship, a couple hidden dungeons, a casino with slot machines, job leaderboards/application center, a quarry that will be admin generated weekly, and many more! The Nether zone is something worth fearing, most commands are blocked and the only way in or out is using the one portal so keep a map handy and your potions!

PVP World:
Player vs. player world is pretty much what it implies. Griefing is allowed, and pretty much it's a kill or be killed zone.

Creative World:
Be set to Creative as you join in, build what you envision without most limitations!
If you require help to protect your building zone please request help with
"/ticket create I need my creation zone protect in creative please!" I'll make a shortcut command soon.

As stated above this is a work in progress, If you require in game help use the /ticket create <msg> and a staff member will pick up the ticket when they come online!

Sample of Economy zone taken from Dynmap:

We currently have purchased plugins for the server and intend to continue doing so with any support that comes in from donations.

Current premium plugins hosted:

Unfortunately vip status will not carry over from our last Garry's Mod server.
However any donations from here forward will be able to be reclaimed as vip on any of our future servers.

Current patrons that are playing also let me know who you are so I can VIP you up.

Server Ip:

Currently requires you to set to version 1.9!

Hope some of you can enjoy it and have some fun, looking forward to cheeking out with you.
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